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About Us:

At Advanced Radon Services we take pride in our reliable service and quality radon mitigation installations. We are the premier provider of radon mitigation and testing in New Jersey. With nearly 30 collective years of experience, you can be sure that you are getting high-quality radon systems, expert planning and installation, and results that meet your expectations.

Our service area is New Jersey and our clients are diverse, including realtors, builders, home inspectors, property owners, business owners, and home owners which means we have the knowledge you are looking for.

We are experienced with a variety of building types, including residential houses, multi-family homes, commercial constructions and public spaces. Our technicians are licensed in New Jersey to provide professional radon services, corresponding to the highest industry standards so that we can provide prompt testing and free mitigation quotes.

When you are looking for experts in Radon Mitigation in New Jersey, look to Advanced Radon Services.

Our Team:

Founder and Owner: Melissa Price

Starting with a background in Radon Mitigation, Melissa brings 20 years of experience to the ARS table.

With a passion for success and a focus on healthy environments, Melissa has created a trusted brand for radon mitigation in New Jersey. Her expertise in identifying and mitigating radon has bolstered the reputation of her company. Melissa understands every aspect of how radon affects every environment and the best practices for eliminating it. She is the expert and handles the details so that the appropriate system is designed and installed for the best possible mitigation outcome.

Installation Manager and System Expert: Ralph Price

Ralph Price is the installation manager at Advanced Radon Systems. From testing to system design and installation, his experience has helped him to expand the business and become an expert on Radon Mitigation. He oversees most of the installations and also helps design the systems from beginning to end.

Challenges are almost always a part of the equation with Radon Mitigation system design and install, but Ralph sees them as opportunities to create another happy and healthy customer.

Ralph can answer any question about radon that you might have and will go over in detail the entire plan for the installation of the systems they design.

Why choose us?

Advanced Radon Services is the smart choice. We leave no doubt during the entire process from quoting to final cleanup. The proof is in the healthy air quality that we leave behind and the insurance that your environment is safe. Our professional teams use proven testing procedures to identify issues, and then implement remediation

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a healthier environment for families, employess and those who educate or protect us, by eliminating their radon exposure and providing quality radon mitigation systems